Twelve Days of Christmas Organize your Clothes Closet


Day Five - Can you really organize your closet?

It’s not the time to do this right now (after Christmas would be better, I am sure!!!) And, it’s okay if you think this tip is crazy but if you (like me) have NO disposable time this may help. Over time, I have whittled away countless hours standing in my closet stressing over what to put together to wear and, sometimes, still not being satisfied with the results. About a month ago, I blocked out a Sunday and I pulled everything out of the closet (yes, I was exhausted when I was done!) I started with my favorite articles of clothing and put outfit after outfit together (all pieces hanging on one hanger per ensemble.) I donated everything that I no longer enjoyed or hadn’t worn in a year and was left with an assortment of “orphans.” I bagged the orphans up and took them shopping to complete more outfits. (Won’t lie, this was a little expensive to complete outfits but, it’s more expensive to have stuff hanging in your closet that you never wear…) Now I have a closet full of outfits separated into casual, business, and dressy wear and it’s easy to step in and figure it out quickly!

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